Bobbin & Base

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No. Part No. Type Core Type Meterial Grooves Pins Pin Size Pin Row Distance Pin Pitch origin ver pic File
1 C-001 Case/Cover 21.8x17.0x9.6 PBT 4130 C-001
2 C-001-1 Case/Cover 21.8x17.0x9.6 PET T102G30 C-001-1
3 C-002 Clip/Clamp UU-16 STAINLESS STEEL C-002
4 C-003 Clip/Clamp UU-9.8 STAINLESS STEEL C-003
5 C-004-1 Clip/Clamp UU-10.5 STAINLESS STEEL C-004-1
6 C-004-3 Clip/Clamp UU-10.5 STAINLESS STEEL
7 C-005 Case/Cover T-22.0x14.0x8.0 PBT 4115 C-005
8 C-005-1 Case/Cover T-22.0x14.0x8.0 PBT 4115 C-005-1
9 C-005-2 Case/Cover T-22.0x14.0x8.0 PBT 4115 C-005-2
10 C-005-3 Case/Cover T-22.0x14.0x8.0 PBT-310
11 C-005-4 Case/Cover T-22.0x14.0x8.0 PBT-310
12 C-006 Clip/Clamp RM-6 SK7 C-006
13 C-006-1 Clip/Clamp RM-6 SK7
14 C-007 Clip/Clamp RM-10 SK7 C-007
15 C-007-1 Clip/Clamp RM-10 SK7
16 C-008 Clip/Clamp EE-5.0 STAINLESS STEEL C-008
17 C-010 Clip/Clamp ER-9.5/5 STAINLESS STEEL C-010
18 C-011 Clip/Clamp ER-11/5 STAINLESS STEEL C-011
19 C-012 Clip/Clamp ER-14.5/6 STAINLESS STEEL C-012
20 C-012-1 Clip/Clamp ER-14.5/6 STAINLESS STEEL